Monday, October 21, 2013

SuperQueeros! for October 23rd, 2013

Astonishing X-Men, J.H. Williams III's run on Batwoman, and now Supurbia: All the best books of the last three years seem to be coming to a conclusion this month!!! This week we wrap up the second volume of Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman's amazing and innovative take on the superhero supergroup with Supurbia (Vol 2) #12. Plus a who cadre of more run-of-the-mill 'queeros!

Supurbia #12
The swan song of the tightest, most consistently mind-blowing book of 2013! 
  • Hella is supremely powerful now, but also full-on Sith. Is she going to devour her neighbors like the Dark Phoenix at an all-you-can-eat solar system? 
  • Ruth's robo-plot has been exposed, but her army's invasion plan is already in it's, possibly irreversible, end game! Is the Supurbia-verse about to go all Wildstorm: World's End
  • Sovereign was broken by his defeat at the hands of his romantic rival, so how will he rally now that his amour is the arch? 
  • It seems that Gio and Paul are back and more together than ever: Will we see a happy ending for this dysfunctional and perfect power couple??? 
  • And, the real question on everyone's minds, will the ineffable Zari bring to bear her famous pluck and save the day, Cammi-style?

Rat Queens #2
So I haven't learned everyone's names, but the goblin character is definitely pansexual. And the rival raiding party "The Peaches" DEFINITELY has at least one 'queero in it! Also, this book is wacky, irrerevent (and diverse!) fun. :D

Young Avengers #11
The solicit is entirely opaque, but now that Leah and Mother have tricked Teddy into returning to NYC, the question is if the YA will be able to save him or if their hasty rescue attempt will bring Manhattan to a gooey apocalypse! Oh, and how will Billy feel about having to save the boy who broke his heart???

FF #13
The team starts to close in on rescuing the Fantastic Four. Fingers crossed that Tong will rise from the background! (Though she is consistently in every kid-centric scene).

Teen Titans #24
Bunker has scales/chain-mail on his costume now? Also the team is all split-up post-reality-warping-Villain-event. #neworiginstory #meh

Uncanny Avengers #13
Daken is in this book! Right now he's a Horseman of Death for the Appocalypse twins, but I'm hoping that he'll survive and get a whole slew of new powers!

Infinity: The Hunt #3 of 4
Not sure what's been going down in "crossover event title about the younger Marvel characters" The Hunt, but it had Striker and Lightspeed in it last time I checked, so it is 'queero approved!

Battle of the Atom in All of the X-Books: X-Men #5 and Wolverine and the X-Men #37
Evidently Wiccan is an X-Man in the future, so these books make the cut this week! 

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