Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SuperQueeros! for August 14th, 2013

It's the last issue of Demon Knights! Be sure to check out how it all ends when you pick up the latest issue of Supurbia, Batgirl, Fearless Defenders, and 4 other comics featuring your favorite... SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgender, and queer in comics today!

Supurbia #10
With Sovereign out of commission and Eve cowed by guilt, the team has lost it's heart and it's... bazooka? Anyway, they're going to have to pull together when they split up to rescue the kidnapped Zari and the captured Agent Twilight! And what can Hella do now that she's trapped back in her ex-boyfriend's clutches? #kickbutt

Batgirl #23
Batgirl: Wanted starts with this issue. But how can you catch someone who doesn't exist? Hopefully the newly-retired Babs can keep her cowl down and her wits about her as her dad goes on a manhunt for his only daughter. And hopefully Alysia can play a roll in this game of cat and mouse!

Demon Knights #23
THE LAST ISSUE! :_(((((((( Hopefully our valiant immortals will show up soon in the present day to wreak some havoc and some queer hearts! And hopefully Shining knight won't be doing it as a vampire!!

Fearless Defenders #8
Oh my gosh! Thoughts on the Valkyrie/Riggs relationship development??? 'Cause if they're OTP, this is deffo going to throw a kink in the 'ship! But maybe they're going to have an Etrigan-Madame-Xanadu-Jason-Blood-type of threeway! Which would, I guess, imply that Etrigan and Blood are boyfriends? Anyway, Elsa Bloodstone makes an appearance, which means that this is BASICALLY "Calling All Bloodstones" week!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #24
My Darkhorse app stopped working, so I kinda have no idea what's going on, but apparently everyone's cards are on the table and our trio of besties - Xan, Wil, and B - are kickin' butt in the name of Dawn! Man, it must be Tuesday Wednesday!

Astonishing X-men #65
Iceman vs. Iceman! But with the series coming to a close in a few months, will we get the Karma and Northstar we so badly need????

Avengers Arena #13
One year after the start of the horrific Hunger Games Battle Royale Lord of the Flies Rose Duels Avengers Arena we get our first glimpse outside the dome at what Henry Pym has been doing to find and save his former students. Fingers crossed that he enlists the help of some of his star pupils. #juliepower #striker

Uncanny X-Force #10
Looks like the flashbacks have caught up with the present and we're going to get some Storm!

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