Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SuperQueeros! for

I caught up on my Buffy last week! Here's the scoop...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9: Freefall #9
So. Here's some spoilers from the last couple of issues! Remember at the start of this season when Buff-ster had a house party and couldn't really remember what happened or who fathered her child or why she got ridonkulously crunk when she's had years of life-or-death experience with the preternatural dangers of house parties AND was the lead actor in the main story of "Beer Bad" in season 4? Well guess what! She wasn't crunk, Andrew just roofied her! Well that's a relie- wait what? Evidently the world's most morally confused character (who I, at this moment shamefacedly love... I blame Tom Lenk!) thinks it's TOTES COOL to rohypnol-ize someone if you're just planning on switching their brains with their robotic clone so that she thinks she's preggers when she's late! See, not a violation at all! Anyway, Ro-Buffy's pissed too, but her fleshy body-which is hardcore experiencing Emily Lake Syndrome (The ELS!) right now-just got kidnapped by that evil, pink-haired slayer!!!! So Ro-Buffy/Blonde-Cable, Spike, and Andrew are off to save it! Also, zompires are evolving and Domestic-Problems Xander and New-Hot-Cop are out fighting them. 

Ultimate Comics X-Men #11
DID YOU SEE WHAT ULTIMATE COLOSSUS DID I CAN'T TAKE IT NOOOOO STAY GOOD MY TWO-DIMENSIONAL CRUSH-GUY!!!!!!!!!!!! The Nimrods are attacking and it's up to Ororo and Piotr to find a way to stop the slaughter in the newly re-grittied Ultimate-verse. Who will escape this unrepentant slaughter? Who can stomach it? Who will alert Northstar so he can swoop in and save his boo-bear???? 

Superboy #9 / Legion Lost #9
The Culling crossover continues! I'm still v v v mad at them for killing Artemis, so I'm not really gonna plug Bunker much. But did you catch Danny the Street's appearance in April's Teen Titans? 'Twas hot.

i, Zombie #25
They're finally getting around to all that ominous stuff they hinted at 2 years ago.

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