Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SuperQueeros! for March 21st, 2012

Wonder Woman #7
Hades is back! Wondie wants a lost soul back in the land of the living, and she's ready to go to Hell and back to get it, Orpheus-style! But Hades is a tricky god and you can bet that he won't be letting anything go without a big sacrifice! Can Diana keep up the dangerous games she's been dancing with her famous family, or will she have to punch out every soul on the river Styx to save the day?

X-Factor #233
So Madrox and Layla are an item. But while he was sleeping Lorna and Havok took the reigns of his abandoned organization and X-Factor is back in the government (and Val Cooper's) pocket, ridding the world of heinous threats (when they catch the attention of the U.S.). How are Ric and 'Star adapting to all these changes???

Justice League #7
The first "present day" issue! What does the team look like today????

Hack/Slash #14
Everyone's split up! Samhain will have to return to his slash-y ways if he wants to save the day! #notasexcitingasitsounds

Hellblazer #289
John's back from Hell... Just in time for some fratricide!

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