Monday, February 13, 2012

SuperQueeros! for February 15th, 2012

This week brings us one of the best comic books around right now, as well as a mixed bag of 'queero-featuring titles. Also, a KYLIE COMIC!!!!

Wonder Woman #6
It's Wondie vs. Hades vs. Poseidon, battling for Zeus's kingdom!! Last issue Wonder Woman bluffed her way into being Hera's champion, so a victory for Diana means that Hera would take the throne. Are we going to have a woman on Mount Olympus before we have a woman in the White House????

Hellblazer #288
John continues his journey into Hell. Also his wife and niece do stuff on Earth. (Can you tell I don't pick this book up? But John is one of the longest-running, eponymous bisexual characters in sequential art, so I hope he makes it out of Hell with his life, and maybe a few more scars.)

Female Force #35: Kylie Minogue
Yup, it's a Kylie comic book!!!!! I'm buying it so hard. Judge me if you must, join me if you don't: one way or another, this thing is guaranteed to be fun!

X-Factor #232
Madrox is dimension hoping. Cool story, zero 'queeros. Peter David's on twitter now: @PeterDavid_PAD

New Avengers #21
The solicit says that one team member will be leaving! Will it be Victoria? Or maybe someone who can't stomach trusting V-Hand any longer?? And what will be the outcome of the brawl with Thor's clone, Ragnarok???

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