Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SuperQueeros! for January 18th, 2011

It's a slim week, but we get the next installment in one of the New 52's best books, Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman #5
Woah, what? Evidently Wonder Woman lives in London??? So... Why is she chilling with Steve Trevor, American, over in Justice League? Woof, this new universe... so confusing! ANYWAY, some more gods enter the picture and they are far from happy. Diety sibling fight is go!

Hellblazer #287
Wonder Woman is returning to London and, evidently, chasing John out! He's headed to Hell this issue. Evidently he's doing a favor for his niece (something about a gangster who's John's father-in-law?) that will involve old enemies, demons, angels, and aquariums. So, you know, PaRtAy!

Hack/Slash #12
The first issue of "Monster Baiting" finds our heroes on a tropical island, searching for a cure for slashers. There are just so many places to go with this... But I hope Samhain has to wear "skimpy outfits" too! That way real life slashers of every variety will have something to work with!

New Mutants #36
Did anyone pick up issue #35? Do we know if Blink is actually dating that lady rocker or if that was just a clever cover? Either way, it's Blink's last issue with the New Mutants, so pick it up and see what happens!

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