Monday, February 28, 2011

SuperQueeros! for March 2nd, 2011

WHAAAAT!!!!! KEVIN KELLER IS BAAAACK!!!! (Let's talk about LGBTetc. people in comics:)

Veronica #205
KEVIN KELLER APPEARANCE NUMBER TWOOOO! Evidently V and K are super besties who talk on the phone aaaaalllllllllllllll the time about the Bieb and the acne and the tween stuff but this is not the Best Thing Ever? Because sometimes you (Veronica) should stop talking on the phone and look around and remember important dates and take Betty's calls and stuff? But don't worry because the gang (whose calls you are not taking ["Why is my phone beeping in the middle of my sentence?" - Veronica]) and Kevin (who you must be talking over because the solicit says he is also trying to help you "remember one very important date" ["Gurrrrrl!" - Kevin]) will make sure you get to your college interview/pedicure/date with Archie/date with DESTINY with TIME. TO. SPARE. All of which we will be reading about in Veronica #205, the must-read comic of the week co-starring an Aryan gay KEVIN KELLER!!!!!!!! #buyit

Secret Six #31
GUYS IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING: Scandal is going to try and bring back Knockout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evidently it's a little more complicated than a simple "Please, Hell, thank you kindly"-type deal, and the solicit is TECHNICALLY vague about who's bringing what back, but I think we can all read between the lines:
"A member of the Secret Six (team stalwart and hot butchie Scandal Savage) attempts to bring back a fallen loved one (her sexy-as girlfriend the fan-fav Female Fury KNOCKOUT) by using the demonic 'Get Out of Hell Free' card stolen (Oh, right, they're villains...) back in the first arc of the series (Yes, you have been waiting over two years for this.)"
See, what'd I tell you? Clear as day! Also, ABOUT DANG TIME!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #6
It's the conclusion of the Daken's bid to take over the corrupt island of Madripoor! Will he bed Tiger Tyger? Will he murder that police office/dad character with the super-cute and super-defenseless family at home? Or will he sleep with the police officer and kill Tyger? Or sleep with both and then kill everyone else? With this anti-heroic sociopath you never know! And that's why we luv 'im!

But seriously, I hope the policeman's daughter makes it out okay and with a full ride scholarship to that awesome private school she just got into. #invested

X-Factor #216
So evidently Spider-Man and Black Cat and J Jonah Jameson are in this issue? Because "JJJ hates superheroes so how is XFI still operating, oh let's say they do him favors and make it a crossover with Spider-Man!" - The pitch for this issue (Just kidding, Peter David doesn't make pitches! He just CC's his editors when he e-mails his scripts to the artist!) ANYWAY, the previews show Shatterstar being all mysteriously bisexual (or omni-sexual????) and STILL sexually frustrated (b/c dealing with a pregnant Rahne is going to make Rictor LESS totally gay for Shatterstar), so expect some a) shirtless drama, b) sword-fighting, and c) hot queer guys talking about their relationships. A.k.a., what dreams are made of!

House of Mystery #35
The conclusion to Fig's big over-arching storyline about the Conception. Should be a hoot. We might even get some Tursig cameo-ing but that seems like a bit of a stretch for the plot to accomodate. And he certainly won't be shirtless on a New York rooftop, horny, brooding, and playing chess. See, what'd I tell you? Dreams!!!!

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