Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BETCH Alert: General Howlett

The betches are coming out of the woodwork nowadays! The ever affable (and my personal crush) Greg Pak (credits include World War Hulk, Phoenix: Endsong, Alpha Flight, etc.) in the latest issue of X-Treme X-men that General James Howlett, the Wolverine of Earth 208, hinted at a relationship between Howlett and his universe's Hercules. Now, Hercules has already been established as being at least situationally bisexual in the 616 universe. In fact it was Greg Pak and co-writer Fred Van Lente who made Northstar/Hercules officially canon back in Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1. So it's no surprise that Hercules would continue to be the paragon of all things Greek (including the Athenian penchant for pubescent young men) in other universes... but, at least to my knowledge, this is the first iteration of Wolverine that I know who has had an same-sex alternate universe relationship.

So, hats off to Greg Pak and his continued quest to queer the Marvel universe... one Hercules pairing at a time!

Check out scans of the reveal after the jump:

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