Monday, August 30, 2010

SuperQueeros! for September 1st, 2010

Queers in comics for the first day of September, go!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #38

Buffy is back!!!!!!! Yup, BTVS returns from its summer hiatus for it's five-issue final arc of Season 8! And now that Dark Horse owns the characters of Angel, get ready for a vampyr-bf-filled rock-em-sock-em finale that will kick butt and set us up for Season 9! Joss is penning this story, so watch out for the shrapnel from the inevitable explosion of AWESOME!

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2

The most anticipated comic book event of my entire life continues this week with the Young Avengers, the nebulously-cannon New Avengers, and Magneto mixing it up on the streets of New York! And then it's off to find the Scarlet Witch! With Billy and Teddy! HEART!!!!!!

Torchwood #2

More Ianto-inclusive adventures with Cap'n Jack as the sweet new Torchwood comic continues! In addition to getting part 2 of the "Broken" story from last issue, there's also a zombie vs. Torchwood prison rumble in "Fated to Pretend" (like that MGMT song!)! With all that coolness stuffed into one story, how can you not buy this issue??? #youcan't

The Authority #26

I don't know how many issues it will be before the Authority returns to Earth (or if it will take as long to get back as it did to reach their destination...) but they've arrived at where the Carrier was taking them! Find out if they'll get the thingy that can save the world as the Authority wrap up their 'verse-spanning journey! #Rainmaker!

Secret Six #25

It's the Secret Six vs.... THE SECRET SIX! Now that two teams of Secret Six have been formed it's time for them to beat each other up until only six villains remain standing!!!! Find out if Scandal makes the cut, and who she's got to cut to do it!

House of Mystery #29

TURSIG TELLS US A BEDTIME STORY!!!! Also, Witches + Goblins vs. Robots!!!! This issue is just going to rock. And Tursig is going to be awesome. Which is awesome. #awesome

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