Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lady GaGa Auditions for Guest Spot on Doctor Who

Lady GaGa, the increasingly unflappable pop star, appeared on the red carpet at the Brit Awards in an ensemble that can only be described as Fantabulax Prime --since that's the planet she evidently has come from. Part costume, part runway, part Dadaist performance art installation, Lady GaGa floored attendants and paparazzi with her unique fashion sense. The only way my mind can understand the outfit is that she must be sending out good juju and hoping Russel T. Davies sees her and books her for a Dr. Who gig. It's what all the pop stars are doing, now... right, Kylie?

She even has a cyber-woman behind her!

This is also how I imagine Martha Johanson's cyborg body would look.

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