Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SuperQueeros! for October 28th, 2009

Each week we bring you a summary of which new comics are featuring LGBT(etc.) characters! Now, I'm no Kiden Nixon, so I may miss one or two due to time constraints. If you spot an omission, please let me know in the comments section and I'll correct it tout de suite!

Correction from Last Week:
Solicits show that Gen13 #32 is actually out this week. Check last week's SuperQueeros! for a teaser.

X-Factor #50
Ricstar = OTP! Rictor may have been my first superhero crush, but Peter David has my heart now. This is the 50th issue of his groundbreaking series, but never be afraid to pick this book up: David's recaps are the best in the biz! Plus, Shatterstar just displayed some interesting new powers. You know, besides HOT MAN-ON-MAN ACTION. ;)

Detective Comics #858
The Batwoman origin story starts here! If you aren't hip to the newest, coolest lesbian in comics now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Kate Kane is to the Bat Family as Six is to a Centurion model Cylon: hotter, smarter, more gendered, and the future.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #5 (of 5)
The Young Masters are about to cement their place as future Marvel supervillains. But first, a huge fight! If the cover isn't hint enough, this issue is going to end with pain and rubble, both physical and emotional. Plus, did Wiccan and Enchantress... shift his Kinsey score? The answer is, no doubt, contained within these pages! Plus Teddy!

New Mutants #6
Cypher is back! As a technologically-reanimated zombie! And what's going to happen in Shan's murder storyline? Necrosha starts here!! Or four months ago in Blackest Night #0!!! (But seriously, Karma is awesome)

All this and!!:

Gotham City Sirens #5
Harley was rescued from the clutches of Hush just in time for her own issue! Plus, the cover combines with those for issues 6 and 7 to make a tryptich masterpiece!

Justice Society of America #32
Obsidian is still an egg.

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