Thursday, October 1, 2009

Adult Swim Titans Up

While recovering from a weekend that involved me wandering around Folsom Street Fair in a pink prom dress drinking whiskey from a can, I had the chance to catch the premiere of [as]'s newest series, cynical Voltron spoof Titan Maximum. And I have to say, shit just got real yo. This is one of the best pilots for an AS show I have seen in a long while.

Robots. A monkey. Disturbingly attractive claymation sexpots. This show has all the essentials you need to feel less ashamed about watching cartoons in the middle of the night instead of doing your homework or going out on a date. With a voice cast featuring Rachel Leigh Cook and Billy Dee "Stop Calling Me Lando" Williams and a writing staff of Geoff Johns and Zeb Wells, this show has the potential to make up for that bullshit Adult Swim pulled on us with Korgoth of Barbaria.

I don't say this like at all, ever, but I hope they market the shit out of this show. Action figures and t-shirts and video games that people will by solely for the novelty. If the pilot is any indication of what we can expect for the rest of the season, then [as] needs to start putting this bitch out to work the streets. There is no reason a show like this needs to be canceled mid-season because it doesn't bring in as much money as Family Guy reruns.

While we're on the topic of [as], I can't decide if I should be Alice from Superjail! or Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Brothers for Halloween.


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Jason said...

I'm dressing up at Jubilee for Halloween! I'm so psyched!

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